Season 3

Starring Jack Lord, James MacArthur, Zulu, Kam Fong, Richard Denning, Peggy Ryan, and Harry Endo.

Guest Starring: Khigh Diegh, Gerald O’Laughlin, Donald Moffat, Linda Ryan, Nancy Wilson, Harry Gaurdino, Milton Selzer, Eric Braeden, John Marley, Walter Brooke, Diana Maldaur, Martin Sheen, Katherine Cannon, Albert Paulson, Ed Flanders, Anthony James, Kenneth O’Brien, Andrew Duggan, Peter Bonerz, Lloyd Gough, Ron Hayes, John Vernon, Linda Marsh, Dewey Martin, Simon Oakland, Barry Atwater, Joe Maross, Teru Shimada, Don Stroud, Marianne McAndrew, Alfred Ryder, Ray Danton, Paul Stevens, Tommy Fujiwara, Hume Cronyn, Anne Archer, Lloyd Bochner, Albert Salmi, Joyce Van Patten, Madlyn Rhue, Monte Markham, William Schallert, Mills Watson, Joan Van Ark, Sorrell Booke, R.G. Armstrong, Frank Slivera, Royal Dano, Marilyn Chris, Tim O’Connor, Paul Stewart, Logan Ramsey, John Anderson, Michael Anderson Jr., Peter Jason, John McMartin, Sabrina Scharf, Roger C. Carmel, Monte Landis, George Murdock, Paul Burke, Marilyn McCargo, Phillip Pine, Vera Miles, Gary Collins, Dub Taylor, Mark Jenkins, Hope Summers, Pernell Roberts, Elliot Street, Jock Mahoney, Don Chastain, and more.

Episode 27- Welcome to Season Three! Wo Fat is back in “…And a Time to Die”; and in “Trouble in Mind”, Nancy Wilson is singing more blues than jazz. Come for Gerald O’Laughlin being a State Dept. Prick, stay for the songs.  Soundcloud  iTunes  Spotify  Stitcher

Episode 28- This episode has more soap opera vibes than you’d expect thanks to a shirtless Eric Braeden in “The Second Shot” and Steve’s old flame suspected of murdering her husband in “Time and Memories”.  Soundcloud  iTunes  Spotify  Stitcher

Episode 29- It’s a tale of two ransoms this time around as a priceless violin is inadvertently stolen in “The Guarnerius Caper” and then our beloved Kono gets taken in “The Ransom”. Soundcloud iTunes Spotify Stitcher

Episode 30- As per show tradition, Steve is blown up, but survives to fix up a boat and help Danno investigate the case in “Force of Waves”. Then a reunion of World War II vets ends in murder in “The Reunion”. Minor trigger warning as both episodes deal with mental illness and PTSD. Soundcloud iTunes Spotify Stitcher

Episode 31- Two lovers go on the run after killing a man, but this romance has a serious twist in “The Late John Louisiana” and “The Last Eden” is a novel take on eco-terrorism. Soundcloud iTunes Spotify Stitcher

Episode 32– Dan Budnik of Eventually Supertrain is back, which can only mean one thing…we’re talking my favorite episode of the season. Hume Cronyn is a master of disguise in “Over Fifty? Steal” and Danno suffers a heartbreaking loss in “Beautiful Screamer”. Hang out with us and don’t drop your transmission shifting tone between the episodes. Check the episode description for spoiler times. Soundcloud iTunes Spotify Stitcher

Episode 33– Albert Salmi is out here double-crossing people in “The Payoff” and Monte Markham is behind bars in “The Double Wall”. Come for Joyce Van Patten, stay for Joan Van Ark. Soundcloud iTunes Spotify Stitcher

Episode 34– It’s a triple feature! An old cowboy struggles to hold onto his ranch with tragic consequences in “Paniolo”; Five-O tries to thwart an elaborate heist in “Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart”; and the death of a solider puts his drafted brother in a tough spot in “To Kill or Be Killed”. Soundcloud iTunes Spotify Stitcher

Episode 35– Season 3 begins to wind down with this two-parter. In “FOB Honlulu”, Five-O is looking to recover counterfeit currency plates that people everywhere are dying to acquire and of course, Wo Fat is in the mix. Soundcloud iTunes Spotify Stitcher

Episode 36– In “The Gunrunner” we get a suspicious kidnapping and the 1971 version of a burner phone. In “Dear Enemy” Vera Miles insists that Steve re-open the case that sent her husband to jail for murdering his mistress. Season 3 still has a few swerves. Soundcloud iTunes Spotify Stitcher

Episode 37– A man seeking revenge meets his match in an old lady when he takes hostages in the Five-O offices in “The Bomber and Mrs. Maroney”. And the games continue in the Season 3 2010 Hawaii Five-0 episode “Pa’ani”. Soundcloud iTunes Spotify Stitcher

Episode 38– Season 3 ends with a two-parter. In “The Grandstand Play”, baseball star Lon Phillips’s son Gary is in big trouble and only Five-O can save him. I also wrap up the season with my final thoughts and arbitrary tallies. Soundcloud iTunes Spotify Stitcher