Season 3

Starring Jack Lord, James MacArthur, Zulu, Kam Fong, Richard Denning, Peggy Ryan, and Harry Endo.

Guest Starring: Khigh Diegh, Gerald O’Laughlin, Donald Moffat, Linda Ryan, Nancy Wilson, Harry Gaurdino, Milton Selzer, Eric Braeden, John Marley, Walter Brooke, Diana Maldaur, Martin Sheen, Katherine Cannon, and more.


Episode 27- Welcome to Season Three! Wo Fat is back in “…And a Time to Die”; and in “Trouble in Mind”, Nancy Wilson is singing more blues than jazz. Come for Gerald O’Laughlin being a State Dept. Prick, stay for the songs.  Soundcloud  iTunes  Spotify  Stitcher

Episode 28- This episode has more soap opera vibes than you’d expect thanks to a shirtless Eric Braeden in “The Second Shot” and Steve’s old flame suspected of murdering her husband in “Time and Memories”.  Soundcloud  iTunes  Spotify  Stitcher