Here, Watch This

Here Watch This

A neat little podcast in which Shann and I force each other to watch episodes of TV shows based on a theme. It could be fun. It could be torture. Stay tuned.

Pilots- Obviously, the theme of the first episode is going to be pilots. We’re talking about American Gothic–“Pilot” (1995) and The Wild Wild West–“Night of the Inferno” (1965). iTunes LibSyn

Sitcoms- Laugh it up! We’re talking about the Mad About You episode “Our Fifteen Minutes” (1995) and the Barney Miller episode “Rain” (1975). iTunes LibSyn

Space Adventures- Grab your phasers! We’re going to outer space and talking about the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century episode “Space Vampire” (1980) and the Stargate: Atlantis episode “38 Minutes” (2004). iTunes LibSyn

Famous Guest Stars- The stars are shining brightly in this episode. We’re talking about The X-Files episode “Improbable” (2002) and The A-Team episode “Cowboy George” (1986). iTunes LibSyn

Military–Spit shine your boots and get your crew cuts. We’re talking about the JAG episode “Silent Service” (1999) and the M*A*S*H episode “Deal Me Out” (1973). iTunes LibSyn

Curses, Hexes, and Jinxes- Grab your lucky rabbit’s foot and your four-leaf clover. We’re talking about the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Dopplegangland” (1999) and the CSI: Miami episode “Curse of the Coffin” (2006). iTunes LibSyn

Freeze, Turkey!–You have the right to remain silent while we talk about a couple of ’70s cops shows. We’re talking about The Rookies episode “To Taste of Terror” (1972) and the David Cassidy: Man Undercover episode “Death Is a Close Friend, Too” (1979). iTunes LibSyn

Holly Jolly Holidays–Ho ho ho! Deck the halls! We’re getting festive and talking about the ER episode “Blizzard” (1994) and The Monkees episode “The Christmas Show” (1967). iTunes LibSyn

Julie London–We’re paying tribute to singer/actress Julie London and talking about The Barbara Stanwyck Show episode “Night Visitor” (1961) and The Big Valley episode “They Call Her Delilah” (1968). iTunes LibSyn

Celebrity Crushes–It’s time to swoon and talk about those actors that put hearts in our eyes. For us it’s Lucy Lawless and David Nykl. We’re talking about the Xena episode “A Day in the Life” (1997) and the Arrow episode “Kapushon” (2017). iTunes LibSyn

Spin-offs–We’re building franchises and talking about the Baywatch spin-off Baywatch Nights episode “The Rig” (1996) and the Stargate spin-off Stargate: Universe episode “Time” (2009). iTunes LibSyn

Murder Mystery–We get our snoop on discussing The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. episode “Bounty Hunters Convention” (1994) and The Golden Girls episode “The Case of the Libertine Belle” (1991). iTunes LibSyn

Second Season–No sophomore slumps here as we talk about The Streets of San Francisco episode ” Twenty-Four Karat Plague” (1973) and The Gilligan’s Island episode “The Friendly Physician” (1966). iTunes LibSyn