Rerun Junkie

What’s a Rerun Junkie?

A Rerun Junkie is someone who likes reruns. Okay, they more than like reruns. They adore reruns. If you give them a choice, they’d rather watch an episode of a show that’s been off the air for twenty years than the latest episode of the hottest show going right now.

Maybe it’s one show. Or one genre. Or one whole decade. Maybe it’s nostalgia for the shows from childhood. Maybe it’s a longing for a time that wasn’t experienced. There’s no telling what attracts a person to old shows. I can’t even explain why I’m attracted to them. But the pull is too strong to resist. And, because we’re junkies, we don’t.

For my fellow Rerun Junkies (and to help out the curious who don’t understand us), here’s where to find all of my favorite old shows, my love for them, and anything else about them I think worthy of words.

Rerun Junkie Blog Posts

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