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Rerun Junkie

My Top Five Theme Songs     Following the Stars     The Last of My TV Boyfriends

   The Ghosts of Shows Past    Best Characters to Join a Show After the First Season

When the Stars Go Out   “What’s Your Favorite TV Show?”

The Good About “Bad” Shows    TV Bosses I’d Work For    Five TV Tropes I Hate

Five Favorite Couples    Five TV Tropes I Love

Culture and Context

All of Your Favorites Are Problematic   

They Didn’t Have Native Americans Back Then

 Reboots of Reruns     Educational Television

Object: Female    The Addict’s Morality Tale    Policing Copaganda

Heteronormativity is a Helluva Drug    Battle of the Sexes    Make It Fashion

Foiled by Miranda    Weaving the Fabric of Pop Culture    The Complicated Legacy

It’s Okay! They’re the Good Guys!    The Laws of (TV Gunshot) Physics

A Little Show Analysis

The Pride of the Ol’ 1-2

The Unconventional Bromance of Thomas Magnum and Jonathan Higgins

How To Replace the Dearly Departed Character


Hawaii Five-O     The Golden Girls     The A-Team     Starsky and Hutch   

The Monkees    Perry Mason     Barney Miller    

Little House on the Prairie    Cannon    Batman

The Rockford Files     Emergency!    The Wild Wild West    The Green Hornet   

Dragnet    Gilligan’s Island    Adam-12    F-Troop   

The Rifleman    Murder, She Wrote    The Addams Family   

The Big Valley    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea    Gunsmoke

Automan    Magnum PI    Stargate: Atlantis    Tales of the Gold Monkey

CHiPs    David Cassidy: Man Undercover    CSI:Miami    The Middleman

Baa Baa Black Sheep Squadron


“Hookman” Old and New

 Hawaii Five-O Favorites Seasons 1-4     Hawaii Five-O Favorites Seasons 5-8     Hawaii Five-O Favorites Seasons 9-12

  Favorite Christmas Episodes    “The Fugitive”   

Lysistrata, The Patriarchy, and Gilligan’s Island    “The Peace Pipe”

Have Yourself a Jeanette Nolan Christmas    Police Involved Shooting    “To Kill or Be Killed”

“The Duke of Squigman”    “Out of Time”


Big Chicken    Stefan Kopeckne    Shades of McGarrett    Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Marty Morrison    Calleigh Duquense

Guest Stars

The Guest Star Game

Virginia Gregg     Jeanette Nolan    Victor Buono

Boy George on The A-Team

Dabbs Greer    Joyce Jameson    J. Pat O’Malley  Burt Mustin

Nehemiah Persoff    Richard Jaeckel    Michael Constantine    Jeanne Cooper

L.Q. Jones    Joyce Van Patten    Ron Masak    Vito Scotti

Don Calfa and Oliver Clark on Barney Miller

George Murdock    Peggy Pope


I’m a Sucker for Reunions     Gilligan Was My First    I Don’t Love Lucy

I Don’t Like Them Kids    I Love to See My Faves in Peril    I Don’t Like Your Favorite Sitcom

I Love Crossovers    I Love a Series Finale     I’ve Never Watched Seinfeld

I’m Somehow Not Big on Horror TV Shows    Gimme That Found Family Vibe

I Love a Good Frame


Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

From Beverly Hills to Hooterville: Exploring the Henningverse from 1962-1971 by Daniel R. Budnik

The Electronic Mirror: What Classic TV Tells Us About Who We Were and Who We Are (and Everything in Between!) by Mitchell Hadley

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