Summer Slow Down

You may have noticed in May that my post-a-week didn’t happen. Or you may not have. You may have just been thanking whatever deity you believe in for the reprieve.

The lack of posting was due to a combination of deadlines and health issues. Though the deadlines have been met, new ones have arisen and the health issues linger. As a result, priorities have shifted and blogging weekly can no longer be high on the list.

This does not mean I’m giving up blogging entirely. You couldn’t get so lucky. However, the weekly schedule is on hold. The new goal is at least one or two posts a month.

This new schedule will continue for the summer.

Hopefully by fall I’ll be back to blogging weekly again.

Until then…enjoy the slow down.

Here, Watch This

Yes, there’s a new podcast.

This one has been in the works for literally years because I think Shann first proposed this idea back in 2020, and it’s taken a while to get it going. The biggest hang-up has been my schedule. I know it sounds glamorous to say that I was busy, but in reality I tend to be a shitty juggler.

But! I finally figured that out. Meanwhile, the original idea evolved. It started out as the two of us discussing episodes of TV shows based on a theme and we kept the core of that idea. But scheduling chat times and the inherent hang-ups that came along with that became a real obstacle. It seemed like this idea was never going to get off the ground.

Then Shann made a brilliant suggestion.

We exchange episodes of shows to watch (preferably shows we haven’t seen or aren’t that familiar with) based on a theme, and record our thoughts separately.

Bingo! That solved the issue of scheduling and took the idea in what I think is a fun direction.

The final show: Shann and I force each other to watch episodes of TV shows based on a theme.

We explain why we picked the choices we picked, but whatever the other person thinks is out of our hands. No rebuttals.

So far we’ve only got two episodes out and one more in the wings, but we’ve got plenty of themes to keep us busy and a monthly release schedule to fill. Mark the second Tuesday of the month on your calendars.

Check the Hey, Watch This tab for a list of the episodes and more information (like where to listen!).

It could be fun. Or it could be torture.

Stay tuned.

Welcome to aka KikiWrites

I am one of those people who likes to watch, write about, and talk about old TV shows. So much so that I had to create an entire site just to contain that aspect of my existence.

aka KikiWrites is the official home of my podcast, Book ’em, Danno: An Old Hawaii Five-O podcast, which covers the 1968 Hawaii Five-O series. You’ll also find my guest spots on other podcasts, usually talking about old TV shows, but sometimes I do actually talk about other things, too. Rarely, but it’s been known to happen.

Since I’m a writer by nature, it’s only natural that I’d spare a few hundred thousand words on reruns. My Rerun Junkie posts cover shows, guest stars, characters, episodes, and context.

And if you happen to like the content, feel free to buy me a cup of coffee or two over on Ko-Fi.

So, settle in, find a channel, and enjoy.