Book ’em, Danno–Episode 49

Book 'em Danno Podcast

Season 4 is almost over, but couldn’t end before I talked with Dan about my favorite episode. Between “Cloth of Gold” and “Goodnight, Baby- Time to Die!” we’ve got a whole lotta comeuppance happening.

Just a couple of heads up. Minor trigger warning for watching “Cloth of Gold” as it has mentions of sexual assault. This happens in spoiler territory, so I don’t discuss it. But just be warned if you’re watching the episode. Which you should.

Speaking of spoilers, Dan Budnik of Eventually Supertrain joins me to talk about my favorite episode of Season 4, “Goodnight, Baby-Time to Die!” and that means were talking spoilers. So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, avoid listening to us from about 1:02:18 to about 1:19:49. Also, both Dan and I strongly suggest that you watch this episode before listening to us anyway because it’s kind of hard to talk about without talking spoilers and really, it’s my favorite episode of the season for a reason.

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I also want to mention that when it comes to chatting with Dan, I don’t usually edit us too much, but this time I had to cut a lot of spoiler talk out because it came outside of the spoiler warning. I’m going to have to make a special spoiler minisode. Our brilliance deserves to be heard.

Look at Ray Danton. He’s shocked to death that I did that.

akamai death face

No worries, though. Steve’s on it.

steve mod phone

Book ’em, Danno–Episode 48

Book 'em Danno Podcast

Season 4 is winding down. First, Five-O attempts to put away a man who attacked a woman in “Skinhead”. Major Trigger Warning! This case is a sexual assault and though we don’t see it, the implication is upsetting enough, as is the treatment of the victim by the justice system after the fact. If you’re going to watch/listen, prepare yourself accordingly.

No prep necessary for “While You’re at It, Bring in the Moon”. Is wealthy recluse being framed for murder by his friends and associates, or is he banking on his bucks to get him out of trouble? This is a fun one, folks.

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When it comes to fake blood, ’70s TV is unmatched. Please enjoy this cherry slurpee crime scene.

cherry slurpee crime scene

Book ’em, Danno–Episode 47

Book 'em Danno Podcast

It’s finally time for Season 4’s two-parter and it’s a doozy! When “The Ninety Second War” starts off with a car wreck, you do not anticipate that it would end with a missile launch. The extensive frame job that dominates the first episode is exquisite, complete with doppelganger and trip to Switzerland. Who’s behind it all? Wo Fat, of course. And the second episode is all about figuring out what he wants with ninety seconds.

It’s a fun ride.

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I mention that Donald Pleasence has a moment of looking unhinged. Of course, my words cannot do it justice.

donald pleasance unhinged

Also, here’s a picture of Wo Fat talking to Vogler in front of his kicky little sub. Just because.

wo fat sub meeting

Book ’em, Danno–Episode 46

Book 'em Danno Podcast

Steve finds himself being used to help eliminate a witness in “Bait Once, Bait Twice”. This episode is an instant classic for two reasons: we learn that Steve gets his hair done weekly and we’re gifted an assassin with the shortest shorts known to man. Truly distracting. I ranted about them twice.

And the reboot crew tackles an assassination plot during Thanksgiving in “Hau’oli La Ho’omaika’i”. I picked this Season 4 episode because Carol Burnett’s Aunt Deb is magnificent and I want everyone to know her.

Come for the short shorts, stay for the turkey shenanigans.

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Behold the short shorts. If I had to see them, so do you.

assassin short shorts

Book ’em, Danno–Episode 45

Book 'em Danno Podcast

Five-O is once again tackling environmental issues in “Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise?” Mild trigger warning: we’ve got a bigoted character with strong anti-Asian feelings, so gird your loins accordingly.

This is your periodic reminder that I provide trigger warnings for things that I think might be upsetting to folks so they can be better educated about the episodes and be in the right mindset to watch/listen. I know I don’t get them all, but I at least try to get the obvious ones. And even if these thing might not be upsetting to you or you might consider minor, someone else might not. I’d rather have someone skip an episode that they might come back to later rather than stop listening all together.

In other, happier news, Lewis Avery Filer returns in “Odd Man In” which means that Daniel R. Budnik returns to talk about it. Yes, Dan usually only drops in for my favorite episode of the season (and he will later in the season), but since “Odd Man In” is a sequel to “Over Fifty? Steal”, which was my favorite episode of Season 3, I had to bring Dan back. We will be talking spoilers from about 1:07:40 to 1:24:17, so consider yourself warned.

With Dan, the episode is a little longer than normal. But we have fun.

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When Lewis Avery Filer shows up, you never know who he’s going to be.

lewis avery filer dolled up

Book ’em, Danno–Episode 44

Book 'em Danno Podcast

We’re getting mobbed in this episode! In “A Matter of Mutual Concern” there’s a mob war a’ brewin’. And in “Nine, Ten, You’re Dead”, a man uses mob resources to avenge his injured fighter.

If you watch the episodes, either before or after you listen to me ramble on about them, then be advised of a couple of minor trigger warnings. “A Matter of Mutual Concern” features some racial slurs against Asians as one of the mob bosses is particularly bigoted against them. And there is a scene in “Nine, Ten, You’re Dead” which features cockfighting. It’s brief, but it’s still there and could be upsetting for some viewers. I know I didn’t like it.

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Here’s the message that was sent to Big Uncle in Miami. Think he gets it?

french mccoy staked

Book ’em, Danno–Episode 43

Book 'em Danno Podcast

Steve shows his disdain for a neat case in “Burning Ice” and then Five-O finds themselves on the receiving end of a psychological game in “Rest in Peace, Somebody”.

I don’t often tell people how to live their podcast audience lives, but I strongly recommend watching both of these episodes before listening to me prattle on about them. They’re still good watches even if you do listen before you watch, but the pristine viewing experience is really something.

So, after you watch, listen on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, and/or Stitcher.

To properly appreciate my unhinged rant about the mess that’s made in “Rest in Peace, Somebody”, here’s Steve being not too thrilled about it either.

painted desk

Book ’em, Danno–Episode 42

We’ve got a clever theft ring in “Air Cargo -Dial For Murder” and Marion Ross is an integral part of it. I know. I was shocked, too. The episode kicks off with an OSHA violation murder…Wylie E. Coyote style. Yes, I’m a bad person for thinking that.

A wild robbery scheme in “For a Million…Why Not?” takes Five-O for a ride. With Steve on the Big Island for the Johnny Oporta trial, Danny is leading the charge in trying to fit all of the puzzle pieces together. Or printer’s type, as it were.

I will tell you right now that there are an excessive number of shipped corpses in this episode.

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Oh, by the way, here’s that frozen Ling I promised you.

Book ’em, Danno–Episode 41

Book 'em Danno Podcast

A charming panhandler and his girlfriend steal money from an embezzler in “Two Doves and Mr. Heron”; and a sniper opens fire on a busy road and a stand off with HPD and Five-O ensues in “…And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots”.

Mild trigger warnings ahoy!

“Two Doves and Mr. Heron” contains some mild, 1970s grade homophobia, which I discuss at length because you can’t stop me.

“…And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots” features a sniper scenario that has a bit of a mass shooting vibe as well as talk of mental illness. I will be discussing both of these as well.

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But on the bright side, we get an IT mini-series reunion of sorts with John Ritter in a top hat in one episode and a sweet Annette O’Toole in the other. Also, Vic Morrow schooling the young folks and Jeanne Cooper being her absolute ruthless best.

John Ritter is very excited about this.

john ritter in a top hat

Book ’em, Danno–Episode 40

Book 'em Danno Podcast

Season 4 is just getting started. In “Wednesdays, Ladies Free”, we’ve got a serial killer going after women in order to fulfill a very specific fantasy. This results in the women ending up dead and made up like dime store drag queens.

And then in “3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu”, a faculty club is really a cover for a half-a-million dollar scam involving travelers’ checks. Remember those? Karl Malden does (I am really showing my age with that joke).

It’s Monte Markham, Soon-Tek Oh, Buddy Ebsen, and David Canary in some all-star shenanigans.

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Did you ever think you’d see Barnaby Jones having a chat with Adam Chandler? Well, now you have.

the professor and george