Book ’em, Danno–Episode 29

It’s a tale of two ransoms!

First, a priceless violin is inadvertently stolen in “The Guanerius Caper”. The missing instrument has major political implications, but it’s the thieves that are perhaps the most interesting aspect of the episode, especially since they never intended to steal the violin in the first place.

And then our beloved Kono gets taken in “The Ransom”. It’s a standard kidnapping case until the ransom drop goes all wrong and Kono ends up joining our missing boy. Kono is the hero, but man does he go through hell.

Listen on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Fun connection with “The Ransom” (okay, fun for me): In the Season 1 NCIS: Hawai’i episode “The Tourist”, the NCIS team ends up going undercover looking for a woman in the same place that Five-O has staked out for the ransom drop: the dolphin show at Sea Life Park.

The NCIS team wasn’t sporting the undercover aloha shirts, though. Disappointing.

Let Steve show you how it’s done.

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