Book ’em, Danno–Episode 32

Book 'em Danno Podcast

Episode 32 welcomes back Dan Budnik of Eventually Supertrain, which means only one thing.

We’re talking my favorite episode of the season.

Hume Cronyn is the master of disguise in “Over 50? Steal” and Danno suffers a heartbreaking loss in “Beautiful Screamer.” These are two fantastic episodes and we had a ball talking about them. There are spoilers for both episodes, so check the episode description for the time stamps.

Listen on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Allow me to take a moment to hype up Dan, who is an excellent podcaster and writer and deserves to be hyped. Obviously, you need to check out all of his podcasts under the Eventually Supertrain umbrella. There’s Eventually Supertrain, of course, which covers short-lived series that didn’t get enough love; Rockin’ All Week with You: A Happy Day’s Podcast, which covers the series; and he’s currently doing not one, not two, but THREE minute-by-minute podcasts (these are always super fun) covering a total of SIX movies: A Spookie Minute Spent in a Ghosthouse covers Spookies and Ghosthouse; ’70s Friends of Frankenstein covers Blackenstein and Frankenstein ’80; and Howling 2 and 7 Too covers, obviously Howling 2 and Howling 7.

The grammar of that sentence is a logistical nightmare. I’m sorry.

Speaking of the English language, Dan has also configured and placed it in a new book, From Beverly Hills to Hooterville: Exploring TV’s Henningverse from 1962-1971, which I’ve given a glowing review and I encourage you to acquire it posthaste if you have not yet done so.

So, please go indulge in Dan’s works.

Or else this Lewis Avery Filer disguise will haunt your dreams.

lewis avery filer

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